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Do Unique Stratospheric Life Forms Get A Piggy Back Ride Inside SW Monsoon Clouds To Leave Signatures In Locally Sampled Rainwater ?

Morris et al, 2008 while stressing the importance of biometeorology as an upcoming field of research highlighted the need of understanding microbiological dimensions of atmospheric processes. Research in USA (Mohler et al., 2007) and France (Brent, 2012), Canada, Germany, Austria (Deguillaume et al, ...

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The Ohaba meteorite fell in October 11, 1857, in Transylvania (Alba District, Romania). After appearance of a fireball, followed by detonations, a stone of 16.25 kg was found by a priest (Graham et al., 1985). The fragments recovered are kept in 16 museums from 11 countries. The Museum of Natural History ...

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2nd European User Meeting on Multivariate Analysis

Camo is glad to announce the 2nd European User Meeting on Multivariate Data Analysis to take place in the beautiful surroundings of lake Como. Our ambition is to establish a forum for chemometricians at industrial level. We invite all The Unscrambler® users, professional scientists and everyone who ...

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To submit your poster and/or abstract please select ‘submit your poster’ In PowerPoint save your presentation as a JPEG or PNG file ready for uploading. Conference posters can be submitted through the home page or through the conference specific page. Contact ...

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ProteinCenter; a generic tool for proteomic bioinformatics analysis with comparisons across many different protein databases.

The generation of vast amounts of data from proteomics studies has become a common practice in many scientific laboratories. Many software tools have emerged to help process these datasets. Until now it was however unrealistic to perform comparison analysis of data sets derived from different laboratories. ...

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Validation of Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry

The cracking plant can produce over 800,000 tonnes of product per year via the process of steam cracking. The feedstock comes from the North Sea and is purified at another plant. It is subsequently heated in a mixture with steam to the temperature (~800 °C) where alkanes are cracked to smaller chain ...

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Improving Mass Spectrometry for Process Monitoring

Possible instrumental methods to improve quantitative measurements using quadrupole mass spectrometry are discussed. Others have previously been reported that zone III has enabled the resolution of components CO and N2. These produce identical peaks at mass 28 using a zone I spectrometer.

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Miniature Ion Source for RGA

The ion source is one of the three main components of a Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (QMS), and it is responsible for ionizing neutral atoms or molecules to create mainly singly charged positive ions. This is achieved using Electron Impact (EI) Ionisation whereby a current is applied to a tungsten or ...

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The Benefits of High-K for Polymer TFTs

High-K dielectric materials are now considered as alternative gate dielectrics to silicon diode (SiO2) mainly due to their high value of dielectric constant K. The high K value can reduce the threshold voltage and the supply voltage thus resulting in lower power consumption. The switching speed of a ...

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Multivariate Analysis of QMS data from Natural gas

Mud Gas Analysis (MGA) gives both short and intermediate term benefits in exploration and production. Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry provides an inexpensive measurement option against unforeseen drilling problems. Downhole collection and MGA is a key measurement goal since (i) this avoids atmospheric contamination ...

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