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Do Unique Stratospheric Life Forms Get A Piggy Back Ride Inside SW Monsoon Clouds To Leave Signatures In Locally Sampled Rainwater ? Morris et al, 2008 while stressing the importance of biometeorology as an upcoming field of research highlighted the need of understanding microbiological dimensions of atmospheric processes. Research in USA (Mohler et al., 2007) and France (Brent, 2012), Canada, Germany, Austria (Deguillaume et al, ...
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Prioritisation of pharmaceuticals of potential environmental concern There are over 3,000 pharmaceuticals on the UK market but most have never been subject to an environmental risk assessment. In 2003, the Environment Agency published a Position Statement on the impacts of human pharmaceuticals on the aquatic environment [1] which called for reassurance that low levels ...
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SHOCK EFFECTS AND PETROLOGICAL FEATURES OF THE OHABA CHONDRITE The Ohaba meteorite fell in October 11, 1857, in Transylvania (Alba District, Romania). After appearance of a fireball, followed by detonations, a stone of 16.25 kg was found by a priest (Graham et al., 1985). The fragments recovered are kept in 16 museums from 11 countries. The Museum of Natural History ...
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Exhibitors at the EMS2006 Meeting 17 companies associated with a variety of products and accessories for Mass Spectrometry & Chromatography are exhibiting at the EMS2006 meeting and include the following: Advanstar, Anton Parr Ltd., Bruker Daltonics Ltd., Domnick Hunter Group, Grace (Alltech) Associates, Greyhound Chromatography & ...
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POROUS GRAPHTIC CARBON FOR THE SPE-LC/MS ANALYSIS OF POLAR MICRO POLLUTANTS IN ENVIRONMENTAL WATERS Environmental protection is of increasing concern in many countries, with more legislation being introduced for maximum levels permitted for micro-pollutants in water, soil, etc. Very low detection limits (mg/L level and below) are required for monitoring organic compounds in drinking water which requires ...
Author: C. Blythe, L. Pereira, R.Lewis, S. Aspey View
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Increasing Throughput In Environmental Methods Many environmental analyses as specified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) use gas chromatography as the analytical method. Due to the accumulation of these methods over years, many have long analysis times. These methods often take 30minutes per run, plus recycling time, leading to a sample ...
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Analysis of gum arabic and gum tragacanth using GPC-MALLS Gum arabic, a gum exudate from Acacia senegal and Acacia seyal, is an important hydrocolloid used in the food industry as an emulsifier, stabiliser and thickener. Gum arabic and gum tragacanth were analysed using GPC-MALLS to give information on molecular weight, molecular species distribution, radius ...
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ProteinCenter; a generic tool for proteomic bioinformatics analysis with comparisons across many different protein databases. The generation of vast amounts of data from proteomics studies has become a common practice in many scientific laboratories. Many software tools have emerged to help process these datasets. Until now it was however unrealistic to perform comparison analysis of data sets derived from different laboratories. ...
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Fast TOF GCMS with Automated Peak Picking and Quantitation of Pesticide Residues The demands on laboratories to produce more rapid results are and always will be on the increase. In particular, the area of pesticide residue analysis faces increasing pressure from regulatory authorities and the public to ensure residue levels are below statutory limits. Typically, GCMS analysis ...
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Novel Applications of MALDI-TOF: Recent advances in the profiling of microorganisms Imaging MALDI (I-MALDI) is becoming a popular application to MALDI-TOFMS. I-MALDI charts the distribution of biomarkers, (be they peptides, proteins or other MALDI ionisable compounds), on the surface of solid samples. The applications are varied including mass spectral comparisons of biomarker distribution ...
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